Grilled Pizza With Carmelized Onions and Goat Cheese

We’ve been eating garden vegetables. A LOT of garden vegetables. Sometimes a person should take a break from all that roughage. Pizza is good for that. Also, when the Seattle summertime temps soar into the high 68’s, it’s nice to cook outside on the grill, so as not to overheat your kitchen.

Press out your pizza dough and shape it. Meanwhile, set onions to carmelizing on the stove top in some olive oil. It’s handy to put the dough on a pizza peel that’s been heavily dusted with corn meal. Paint on some olive oil, then top with the onions, goat cheese, some fresh thyme chopped up roughly, and some kalamata olives. Carefully slide it onto your grill, and close the lid. It will cook quickly.

Grilled Pizza!!!


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