Breakfast at Hudson Point Cafe

Hudson Point Cafe sits at the end of Water Street in Port Townsend, in an old whitewashed building that looks like it used to be part of one of the military facilities there. There are boats moored to the dock right outside the window, and inside, the cafe practically glows with morning light.
20111115-100309 AM.jpg

The cornmeal flapjacks with sour cherries and melted butter were incredible.

20111115-100732 AM.jpg
This omelet had prawns, crab, smoked mozzarella and leeks, with a side of house made black beans. So good.

20111115-100939 AM.jpg
We obviously did not NEED to order a side of house potatoes, but they looked so good on someone else’s table that we got them just the same. They were perfect.

Highly recommend a breakfast at Hudson Point Cafe.

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