Egg-in-the-Hole – A Late-Night Dinner

This is a more interesting version of eggs and toast, with a little extra flavor from the reduced mushrooms. You can make it late at night when you get home tired and hungry, and realize you don’t have anything else in the house to make dinner. We think it’s a relative of toad-in-the-hole (look it up!) which we’ll make a little later.

Columbia Bread from Essential Baking Company
Columbia Bread from Essential Baking Company

Mushrooms, Before the Wine
Mushrooms, Before the Wine

Chop up about a cup of mushrooms and half an onion. Over medium heat in a medium frying pan, saute the onion in olive oil until it’s translucent. Add the mushrooms, dried oregano, and salt and pepper, and stir frequently until the mushrooms release their liquid. Then add a dash of white wine and cook it down. Remove the mushrooms mix from the pan.

Use a Juice Cup
Use a Juice Cup

In the same frying pan, add some butter. Slice two thick slices of white bread, and use a cookie cutter (or a juice cup, or general ingenuity) to remove a circle from the middle of the read. Add the bread (with the hole cut out of it) to the frying pan, and fry until one side is golden.


Add more butter. Flip the bread and add an egg to each of the holes. Let the egg cook until the whites turn white. Serve with the mushrooms on the side. Use the holes for dipping (or feed them to your pet).


  • Two thick-cut slices of bread
  • two eggs
  • a cup of mushrooms
  • oregano, salt and pepper
  • a splash of white wine (or broth or water)

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