A Favorite Seattle Fish Market

One of the perks of living in Seattle is all of the fresh seafood. One of our favorite fish markets, conveniently located just a neighborhood over from ours, is the University Seafood Market in the U-district. Their pickled herring – made in-house – is some of the best we’ve had. University District Fish Market

University District Fish Market

Pickled Herring

Pickled Herring

They’ve been in business for more than six decades, which gives this neighborhood shop a pretty cool neighborhood feel. If you like smoked salmon, this is your place!

Smoked Salmon Galore

Smoked Salmon Galore

And, a touch we like – you can buy wine on the spot to accompany your delicious fish purchase. What are you having for dinner tonight??

And there's wine

And there's wine

About Seattle Foodshed

We live in the Pacific Northwest, where we're cultivating our urban garden and eating the fruits (and vegetables) of our labors.
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5 Responses to A Favorite Seattle Fish Market

  1. wow!! I am so jealous, I love fresh markets, we just moved to Jacksonville, FL and I have yet to find something, but I know they’re out there somewhere!!

  2. Danny says:

    Rub it in for those of us landlocked. Very jealous, but thank you for sharing :)

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