Pad Thai From Mark Bittman

It’s great to finally know a good recipe for pad thai. The first time Melanie tried to make pad thai in 1997, everything burned and she ended up at Jai Thai in Fremont. This recipe ended a lot more happily – it’s easy, delicious, and flexible enough for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Pad Thai!

Pad Thai!

Boil pasta and cook 1/2 pound of rice noodles (we used the thin ones, but you can also use the wide ones). Drain, rinse them, and set them aside.

Dice some green onions and a clove of garlic. In a small bowl, mix a tablespoon of sugar, three or four tablespoons fish sauce, some red chile flakes and three or four tablespoons sesame oil.

Make a sugar mixture

Make a sugar mixture

On a flat grill or frying pan, heated to medium-high heat, fry a block of tofu (cut up into squares like these) until the first side is golden brown. Add some more vegetable oil, flip them, and fry until the other side is golden brown. (You could also fry up shrimp or chicken or beef.)

Fry Up the Tofu

Fry Up the Tofu

In a wok, heated to medium high heat, add some vegetable oil and scramble two eggs. Then toss in the sugar mixture, the noodles, the green onions, tofu and garlic. Toss until everything’s coated. We like to cook it down until some of it is a bit stuck to the wok and kind of caramelized in places.

Toss it all in a wok

Toss it all in a wok

Garnish with a squeeze of lemon juice and cilantro.

Pad Thai!

Pad Thai!


  • 1/2 pound rice noodles
  • several green onions
  • clove of garlic
  • tablespoon sugar
  • three tablespoons fish sauce
  • pinch of red chle flakes
  • three tablespoons sesame oil
  • vegetable oil
  • protein (tofu, shrimp, chicken or beef)
  • two eggs
  • bean sprouts
  • peanuts
  • cilantro

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7 Responses to Pad Thai From Mark Bittman

  1. katespi says:

    I’m impressed! Looks delicious.

  2. This looks incredible – I’m glad to have a good recipe for pad thai.

  3. Margo Sugarman says:

    This will definitely be on our menu in the coming weeks!

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