April Harvesting and Vegetable Garden Update in Seattle

As April starts to come to an end, our little vegetable garden is beginning to get ready for May. And we’re giving it a hand. The radishes need a little thinning, but neither of us can bare to let these darlings go to waste. Look how cute they are! Peter Rabbit would be a bit envious.

Baby Radishes, Freshly Thinned

Baby Radishes, Freshly Thinned

Freshly thinned radish row, ready for some more growing.



The sugar peas are beginning to think about climbing their trellis. They have a few more weeks before they’re in full climb, but we’ll be giving them a hand before you know it.

Sugar Peas

Sugar Peas

The shallots and garlic are busy underground, getting ready to become something lovely on the grill.



Curious what we did with the baby radishes? Just cut them up and ate them with a little salt. Sweet, tangy and delicious.

Baby Radishes with Dinner

Baby Radishes with Dinner

About Seattle Foodshed

We live in the Pacific Northwest, where we're cultivating our urban garden and eating the fruits (and vegetables) of our labors.
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5 Responses to April Harvesting and Vegetable Garden Update in Seattle

  1. Erina says:

    My garlic is going nuts…when do I do what with it? Thanks!

    • Ooh, exciting! Well, we planted ours in March, so it’ll be ready to harvest in mid to late summer. Sounds like maybe yours was planted before the winter, so it could well be ready to harvest now. Try pulling one and let us know!

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