White Wine Sangria Spritzers

Seattle’s near-tropical weather is inspiring all kinds of refreshing drink-making. We have a lot of strawberries and cherries on hand, and thanks to the heat, we really didn’t feel like doing much more than sitting around the garden, watching the birds and chatting, with a dry, refreshing drink in hand. This is super fast to make, and you can tailor the serving sizes for just you and a friend, or for a larger party… What a perfect way to celebrate a relaxing summer evening.

Summer Perfection
Summer Perfection

In a pint glass or a bartender’s muddler receptacle (what ARE those things called?) vigorously muddle 3 strawberries (cut in half); 3 cherries (cut in half) a few sprigs of fresh mint; and a few generous splashes of wine. Strain the wine-juice into a clean wine glass.

Drop in one strawberry and one cherry, both cut in half. Add a chilled, dry white wine and top with enough soda water to make things bubbly – alter your ratio to your tastes and the weather. Garnish with a strawberry, a cherry and some mint leaves.

If you’d like a slightly sweeter version, dip the glass rim in water and then in a little saucer of sugar.

Refreshing White Wine Spritzers
Refreshing White Wine Spritzers


  • dry white wine
  • soda water
  • fresh strawberries
  • fresh cherries
  • fresh mint

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