August Planting for Winter and Spring Harvests

As Seattle’s weather took a turn for grey skies and showers, thoughts naturally turn to the crisp and cozy days of fall, waiting just around the corner. After this unusually hot and sunny summer, there’s a certain excitement in the air among Seattlelites, looking forward to getting back to wearing rubber boots and hearing rain against the window. With those coming fall and winter days in mind, here’s a mid August garden update, and some ideas for your winter and early spring garden.

Cabbage planting

First of all, this is the time to plant – among other things – starts of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. The transplantees will likely be rather gangly, so plant them a little deeper, so their necks have support. I picked up this good looking collection of starts at Sky Nursery. Check out their series of free gardening classes, too. I learn something new every time I go.

Cabbage Collection

Look at these little darlings! They’ll grow up to produce deep purple heads of cauliflower.

Baby Cauliflowers
Baby Cauliflowers

So sweet, all tucked in!

Broccoli To Be
Broccoli To Be

This is also the time to give all your over-wintering plants some food. Fumic acid helps build up beneficial fungi in the soil, which are key to helping your plants grow. You can buy it separately or mixed in with your fertilizer. Fish fertilizer is also good to add now, to give everybody a boost of food to start them off. Another great resource for seasonal planting, fertilizing, and more is Seattle Tilth’s Maritime Northwest Garden Guide. That is my number one garden resource.

Fertilizer with Humic Acid

The blueberry bushes are relentless! If you still have boatloads of blueberries coming in, consider this easy and healthy Banana Blueberry Bread recipe or a Blueberry Galette.

Blueberry Bounty

This young squash is from a second planting of summer squashes, which are just starting to take shape.

Squash Spiral

What bee could resist this open invitation?

Squash Blossom

The pumpkins are looking very pumpkin-y these days! Looking forward to fall cooking with these beauties!

Juvenile Pumpkin in the Wild

What squashes are these? I forget what I planted. They look nice tho.

Indeterminate Squash

All kinds of greens continue to crank out daily bounty, too. Every dinner menu has … and greens in it these days.

Glorious Greens and Reds

Surprisingly, despite the heat wave and lack of real rain this summer, the garden appears to be fairing pretty darn well. What’re you growing in your garden?

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One thought on “August Planting for Winter and Spring Harvests”

  1. Ooh, this is so inspiring! We here in Scotland have similar weather to Seattle (so I”ve heard) and I was just thinking about what to start plating for autumn winter foods so this couldn’t come at a better time. I already do loads of greens but wl expand my repertoire. And I am interested in your second sowing of summer squashes. Obviosuly too late for me but I will try and do that next year. My current plants are finished but as it is still warm (70s) and second crop planted up in June might have been useful!

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